Rice Bar

STEP 1 choose your rice or noodles

  • steam rice    see it!
  • egg fried rice 
  • plain wok fried noodles    see it!
    w onion, beansprout, carrot & spring onion
    choose from yo min or mai fun

STEP 2 choose your stir-fry dish

Oyster Sauce veggie oyster sauce w light soy and onion

Sweet & Sour w onion, pineapple & peppers

Blackbean w onions & peppers

Chinese Curry Medium w wok fried onion

Yellowbean Sweet hoi sin & yellowbean sauce w onion, cashew & peppers

Chilli & Garlic Hot & spicy w chilli, onion & peppers

Kung Po Mildly spicy, tangy sweet sauce w pineapple, onion, cashew & peppers

Chinese Gravy Traditional style roast dishes w chinese greens & spring onion

Szechuan Spicy hot tomato sauce w chilli, garlic, onion & peppers

Thai Green Curry Hot lemongrass & creamy coconut curry w onion & peppers

Malay Satay Spicy peanut stir fry w onion & peppers

Noodle Nation Sweet Chilli Mild, sweet & sticky sauce w onion & peppers

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